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Assembly Tips

• Take your time and enjoy the process

• Start your project with clean hands and have a wet paper towel or a wet wipe handy to wipe your hands while gluing small pieces. This will keep your boxes clean and crisp while assembling.

• Use your fingernail, edge of your scissors (ever so carefully) or a thin ruler to help crease all of your folds. Craft stores also sell handy creasing tools!

• Tweezers can be helpful to place tiny extras in your boxes

• Pages can be scanned on a flatbed scanner or copier and printed out at home if you don't want to cut up your book.

• Be sure to print pages on cardstock (60lb cardstock generally works well) so your finished boxes can be their best!

• For younger crafters, you can increase the size of these templates using any photo editing software that you have access to. Please assist them with their cutting.

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